CloudStack Survey

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This survey is being conducted on behalf of the Apache CloudStack Project Management Committee(PMC).

Data is to be used soley for the purpose of monitoring the adoption and usage of CloudStack and will not be used for any other purposes or passed on to any 3rd parties.

Who Should Fill out this survey?

In short, anybody who is using Apache CloudStack (or a commercial distribution). It doesn't matter whether you're running a major public cloud or have just installed it in your lab - we want your feedback.

What if some questions aren't relevant to me?

Thats fine just don't respond to those questions, the only mandatory questions we have are to ask who you are


If possible, we would like to talk about your CloudStack usage and include you on our list of users. We therefore ask these initial questions

1The Apache CloudStack PMC can contact me in relation to my use of CloudStack if required

2Would you be willing to do a short case study about your deployment to help us promote the project?

3The Apache CloudStack PMC can mention my organisations name as a user of CloudStack on the projects website

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