Access to the Health Records of a Deceased Patient



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Section 2: Personal Details of Patient

Please fill in this section as fully and accurately as you can, with the personal details of the person this access request is about. This will help us trace the personal information you need.

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7Date of Birth

8Maiden, Previous or Other Name

Section 3: Scottish Ambulance Service Records Required

If this request relates to an ambulance attendance (incident) please provide the following information.

9Date of incident

10Time of incident

11Address/Location of Incident

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12Nature of incident

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14If this request relates to any other record held by the Scottish Ambulance Service please provide as much information as possible below to help us trace the information you need.

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Section 4: Declaration

Please select one of the two options below

I am the patient’s personal representative and attach a copy of the confirmation of my appointment (Grant of Probate, Letter of Administration or the Patient’s Will).

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I have a claim arising from the patient’s death and wish to access information relevant to my claim and attach documentation to prove this (a copy of the patient’s birth, death or marriage certificate).

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I confirm that the information I have given is correct and that I am entitled to apply for access under the conditions of the Access to Health Records Act 1990.
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