ScotSTAR Referring Hospital / Service User Questionnaire

1Which transport / retrieval service are you completing this questionnaire for?  

2Did you contact the transport service via the direct telephone number? 

3Was your call answered promptly by the team? 

4Was your call handled in a professional and courteous manner? 

5Were you given appropriate advice re patient management before the arrival of the team? 

6If the call did not result in retrieval, how would you rate the telephone advice provided by the service? 

7Were you given an estimated time of arrival for the team? 

8Did the team arrive at the predicted time? 

9If not, were you kept updated of any delays? 

10Did the team introduce themselves on arrival? 

11Did the team allow you time and respect when handing over your patient? 

12Did the team communicate clearly to you regarding any help required in stabilising the patient? 

13Did the team behave in a professional manner, considerate of the facilities in your unit? 

14Did the team acknowledge the care that you had given to the patient? 

15Did the team adapt to your environment to provide any medical interventions that the patient required? 

16Overall, how would you rate the team’s communication and teamwork with you when they were in your facility? 

17If relevant, how would you rate the usefulness of the resources on the service’s website? 

18What did the team do well? 

Write your comment within 2000 characters.

19What can they improve on? 

Write your comment within 2000 characters.

20Overall, how satisfied would you say you were by the service provided by the relevant transport team?  *

21Do you have any other comments about the team’s performance? 

Write your comment within 2000 characters.


If you are unhappy about a particular retrieval then please contact the relevant service lead (Stephen Hearns for EMRS, Allan Jackson for SNTS, or Sandra Stark for SPRS).

Thank you for your participation in this survey.

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