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News & updates

17-Aug-16 Microsoft Excel Download Problem

Following an update from Microsoft for Excel, the behaviour of downloaded excel files from the web has changed. If you are seeing a blank file with no error messages when downloading to excel, see this article. 

17-Jan-16 Upgrade

An update has been applied, to add exciting new features to Formwize, and make the forms more responsive. Your forms will still operate as before, and will look the same in terms of colors, fonts and images but will also work better across a wide range of devices.

25-Sep-15 New NI Number Validation Added

A validation option for UK National Insurance Number has been added to the Input and SingleInput type questions. Choose this if you need to validate against the UK Government validity rules. 

Simply select UK NI No. from the validation dropdown (as you would choose any other validation option) in the question use it.

Please note that it does not check that the number given is an allocated UK National Insurance Number.

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